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Sushi may not be for everyone, but who can turn down a dish made with a favorite snack food?

Robert Garay, Executive Chef at Crave Sushi, created the Cheetos Roll, a special dish that’s on the menu during Houston Restaurant Week and he shows Restaurant Week founder Cleverley Stone how to make it!

During Houston Restaurant Week, 84 of Houston’s favorite restaurants will serve special 3-course dinners and donate $5 from each dinner sold to the Houston Food Bank.

The event hopes to raise $100,000 to help fight hunger in Houston. Crave Sushi is participating in Houston Restaurant Week.

Crave Cheetos™ Roll for Adults & One for the Kids**
Submitted by Chef Robert Garay of Crave Sushi


Crab Mix 2 Tblsp
Sushi Rice 1 c
Cucumber, jullienned 1 oz
Siracha 1 tsp
Avocado 3 slices
Spicy Mayo 1 tsp
Pink Soy Paper ½ sheet
Flaming Hot Cheetos™, whole
Wasabi Cream 1 oz
Flaming Hot Cheetos™, crushed
Jalapeno, paper thin slices 8 ea
Cream Cheese 8 oz

1. On a clean, dry cutting board, place the soy paper on top of your bamboo matt (wrap your bamboo mat in plastic wrap first) with the long side closest to you. Spread the rice evenly to cover the entire soy paper.

2. Flip the soy paper over so the rice side is facing down and the soy paper side facing up.
With the long side still closest to you, arrange the avocado first, then cucumber, cream cheese,
about 3-4 four whole Cheetos™. Squirt siracha and spicy mayo on top and then place some crab mix on
the bottom third of paper. Make sure not place the crab mix too close to the edge because when you roll it the mix will ooze out the ends.

3. With your thumb, lift the edge of the bamboo mat that’s closest to you. With your fingers keeping the filling in place, roll the edge of the paper away from you so that it just slightly tucks under the filling. Continue to roll the paper into a tight cylinder, making sure there are no air pockets, removing the mat as you go The seam should be on the bottom.

4. Place the bamboo mat (which is still wrapped in plastic wrap) over the roll and shape into a squarish roll. Make sure ends are tucked in so the roll doesn’t fall apart when you cut it. Remove bamboo mat.

5. Place crushed Cheetos™ in shallow bowl, pan or plate large enough to accommodate the roll.
Pick up the roll and press the roll into the crushed Cheetos™, on all sides, leaving you a nice red roll.

6. Place roll on a plate and slice equally using a sharp knife. Arrange your pieces on a plate and drizzle with wasabi cream and garnish with the thinly sliced Jalapenos.

** Kid’s Cheetos™ Roll
Follow directions above but use cream cheese only and 3-4 whole Cheetos™ as the filling.
Omit jalapenos, wasabi and spicy mayo.

Crab Mix Ingredients
Cooked Crab Meat (Special) 1 cn
Imitation Crab Meat ½ pk
Kewpie Mayo 4 Tblsp

1. Squeeze all the liquid from the crab. In a bowl mix cooked crab meat and imitation crab meat
with mayo. Keep in a small container, chilled, until ready to use. Can store for up to three days.

Spicy Mayo Mix
Chili Oil 1 oz
Ichimi Powder 1 ½ oz
Pepper Paste (Momigi Oroshi) 1 oz
Heavenly Hot Pepper Sauce 1 oz
Tabasco 1 oz
Kewpie Japanese Mayo 2 btl.
Sesame Oil 1 oz

1. Mix well all ingredients in a large bowl.
2. Pour into a squeeze bottle and chill.

Wasabi Cream
Sour Cream 1 cup
Wasabi 2 tsp
Red Bell Peppers, chopped ½ pepper
Green Bell Peppers ½ pepper

1. Mix all ingredients well In a large bowl.
2. Pour into squeeze bottle and chill.

Crab Mix Ingredients
Cooked Crab Meat (Special) 1 cn
Imitation Crab Meat ½ pk
Kewpie Mayo 4 Tblsp


Lunch 11am-2pm Mon.-Fri.
Dinner 5-9pm Sun-Tues; 5-10pm Wed & Thurs.
Happy Hour 5-7pm Daily, All Night Sunday 5-9pm
Late Nite til 4am Fri. & Sat.

“Eat Smart, Crave Sushi”

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    Oh my gosh! That’s so INSPRATIONAL and AMAZING!!!!
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    Oh my gosh! That’s so INSPRATIONAL and AMAZING!!!!
    Wow, now I know how to use those sushi roller mats!

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